5 Proven tips on how to make money on social media

Million of users trip in, on different social media on a daily basis, the increase of social usage have become a major source of earning income for some people.

You may wonder, how people earn income on social media, the easy access to social media platform enable people to utilize the forum to earn money.

People render good and services on social media by advertising their products, monetize their skills, bring in different types of creativity to earn money.

Do you have thousand of followers? Do you want to start earning money on your social media platform?

Read below

5 tips on how to make money on social media.


  • Monetize on mentoring

To be a good social media influencer, you need to learn how to impact positive knowledge on people.

This is another lucrative way to monetize on social media.

Teach people about your skill, create e-book and video tutoring .

You can monetize your YouTube channel to teach people about your skills.

There are several types of educational product and services you can create and sell on social media.


  • Find your niche

There are millions of people out there on social media, having the same ambitions has you.

Getting into the platform to earned money, selling same product and sharing the same skill has you.

That is when you need to find your niche, be expert on what you are doing, try to bring high creativity to your platform.

Earning money is the priority, you need to satisfy your followers for them to patronized your product, hired you for lucrative job, read your content and more.


  • Keep your account active

Since earning income is your priority, then you need to run standard active account.

How can you achieve that?

It’s important to update your followers with trends and quality content to gain their attention.

No matter the followers you gain without being active, your account is not relevant and also less or no engagement rate.

An active account will prove to your audience that you are real, to also trust your page, share, like and comment on your post.

With this pathway, you can market any product, gain sales and earned massive income.

  • Affiliate marketing

Another lucrative way of earning an income on social media platform, is by promoting the product and brand of others businesses.

There are multiple affiliate network which works with different brand that you can apply individually depending on the brand that is suitable for your niche.

There are different websites and application which makes it very easy for you to link up.

Affiliate link is common for promoting brand, you need at least 1000 thousand followers

To be  trusted, once you get the link, mashed it up with a high quality content to gain audience to click on the link and purchase the product.

As many that click and purchase the product, you get your commission on each product sold under you.

As newbie, try becoming an Amazon associate to earned commission through affiliate links for promoting Amazon product.


  • Marketing your skill

You have something unique, that someone wants to pay for, at least almost everyone wants to possess a skill to earned money.

Such as; fashion design, quality art work, graphics design and coding etc.

Marketing your skill on social media is another tool of earning money.

putting on your skill for your followers to view is very important because the skill may be someone else’s dreams to achieve, With that, you may be hired for good job

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