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Angel Hernandez Grado is a social media influencer who was very passionate about cars.

He was well known in the car racing community. As a very popular car lover, he wrote a lot about cars on social media and has over 40 thousand followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, in May 2021, Angel Hernandez Grado, also known as S2k, took his life. He shot himself in the head and died. This was live-streamed on his Instagram page.

But, this video has been removed after his death.

During the live stream in his car, he held a gun in his hand, many of his followers begged him not to kill himself,  but he never listened.

Angel Hernandez Grado
The proud dad

Angel pointed the gun on his head and shot himself  After this, he was rushed to the hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead.

But Why did S2K take his life? It all started when he held his girlfriend and mother of his son hostage in his house for 2 days.

During this time, he sexually assaulted her, axe her head and promised to kill her if she left the house or even call the cops.

Angel Hernandez Grado later left the house, at this point, his girlfriend sneaked out and told the neighbours about her ordeal.

The neighbours called 911 and the policemen arrived at the apartment but didn’t see him.

S2K’s girlfriend and mother of his son was seen naked with injuries, swollen face and broken ribs.

This 25-year-old lady was taken to the hospital for assessment and treatment.

The police spotted S2k’s car and tried to stop him. But he refused to stop. 

This behaviour led to a chase that continued for over 4 hours. The cops punctured his tires. When he became weak, he stopped and shot himself.

Angel said that he’d rather die than stay in jail.

How old is S2K? (Angel Hernandez Grado)

S2k was 28 years old when he died. He was a very young social media influencer.

Angel Hernandez Grado Instagram handle is s2k_wya. His last post on the handle is a picture of him holding his baby boy behind his car.

He wrote a long and emotional post about his love for his son and how he makes him feel.

S2k holding his beloved son

Here is the long post he wrote.

Angel Hernandez Grado
S2k Emotional write up to his son

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