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Is there an insurance policy that covers Lasik laser eye operation in India? Yes, there are.

Statistics have shown that a lot of people in India choose the Lasik operation. Some who get tired of eyeglasses go for Lasik surgery as a replacement.

But the problem is that this operation is expensive, so insurance companies cover it in their policies to help people to avoid spending from their savings.

Another problem is that those in need of this surgery don’t know the insurance companies to choose to cover them.

Would you like to know the insurance policy that covers Lasik laser eye operation in India?

This post will show you, but before then, let’s explain some basic things you should know about an insurance policy.

What does an insurance policy mean?

An insurance policy means a document that lists the conditions for which you’ll be paid back or covered if you face a loss.

It’s signed by both parties-the company and the holder.

So if you lose what you insure, the company pays you based on what was stated in the insurance policy.

In life, a brand new car can be damaged within a few minutes. But insurance helps you to get another one. You can insure a car, business, house, health, life, pet etc.

But the conditions for which you’ll be insured must be written and signed in an insurance policy.

I know you wouldn’t like to drive your new car without insurance, likewise, you don’t want to go for a Lasik operation without an insurance policy.

What does Lasik Laser eye operation mean?

Lasik means lasers Assisted in situ keratomileuses. It is a refractive eye operation that corrects eye defects.

It takes 24- 48 hours to recover from the process with an excellent vision. After the procedure, Patients get prescribed medications like antibiotics to prevent infections. 

Furthermore, they are advised to use lubricant eye drops to prevent dry eyes because dry eye is the most common complication after the surgery 

However, this operation is expensive and can take up to 50,000 rupees from your pocket.

To help patients with this expense, some insurance companies cover it in their policy while others don’t.

Here are the companies of those whose  insurance policies cover Lasik in India


Best insurance policy that covers Lasik eye operations in India?

  1. Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company insurance policy
  2. ICICI Lombard
  3. Star Health Insurance 
  4. Care health insurance policy.



Lasik eye operation is expensive. So insurance companies cover it in their policies. However, not all of them,

It is worthy to note that a Lasik eye operation is considered a cosmetic surgery by some insurance companies. That’s why it is not included in their policies.

In this post, we have listed the insurance companies in India that cover Lasik.

Now You can go to them and ask further questions to make an informed decision.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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