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HotKid is the stage name of Ayisa Moshood Adeola,  a hip-hop rapper discovered and signed by Dr Dolor entertainment.

Moshood is a skilled songwriter and composer.He is a Nigerian by nationality and a Yoruba by tribe.

Born and raised in Lagos state of Nigeria, some 25 years ago, Hotkid was raised in the Ebute Metta area of the state by his parents.

According to him, he said:”I was born in Lagos island but the hustle started at Ebute meta”.

Hotkid parents

Hotkid is from a family of five. He has strict parents who didn’t support his music career in the beginning.But as time went on, his mother accepted and tried to persuade the dad to do so.

Up till now, his father isn’t in support of his music career  because he wanted him to graduate from school and work in an office.

According to hotkid, he said:”working in an office is not the type of life i want to live.I want to live the type of life where I can shut down stadiums, arenas and everywhere”.



How he got the name “hotkid” 


Hotkid said that someone gave him the name at patoranking’s video shot, “Emergency”.

During the shot, he was doing a behind the scene freestyle for a rundown .Then someone suddenly said, “Main this guy na hotkid “.

Since then he took the name “Hotkid” as his stage name.

Hotkid Education and music career

Hotkid was a student of Kings College Lagos and started music at a very young age.

He was influenced to do music also because his dad used to listen to music a lot.

The handsome artist rose to fame within a short period.

He became an Instagram influencer with 647k ( six hundred and forty-seven thousand) followers,and over four thousand followers on Twitter.

Before hotkid rose to fame, he used to upload freestyle videos of himself rapping in English and Yoruba languages.

His raps had a smooth blend of these two languages. This got the attention of big celebrities who began to repost his videos.

He did a freestyle for Teni’s song “Case” and needed her to see it,and kept on tagging Teni.

When he got no response from her, he decided to send the video to Dr Dollor.

While sending the video,he told Dr Dollor to block him if he doesn’t like it.

Luckily,Dr Dollor checked it out and liked the video. And then sent it to Teni, who liked the video and also commented on it.

Since then,Dr Dolor, the C.E.O of Dolor Entertainment became interested in hotkid.

He went and met hotkid’s mum in Ebute Metta and told her that he wanted to sign him to his record label.

From there, the rest became history and everything changed for him.

In summary, hotkid’s regular uploads of freestyle video on Instagram brought him to limelight and fame.

So which record label is hotkid? Hotkid is signed to DDE Dr Dolor Entertainment.

How He faced Depression

He faced depression in 2021 but was helped by a friend out of it. Hotkidfire appreciates and treasures this friend very much till this moment.

Hotkid is passionate about music and football.If you don’t see him playing music, you’ll see him playing football.

How old is hotkid?

How old is hotkid
He is 25 years old

Hot kid is 25years old. He was born on the 13th of January,1993.

Many people sought to know hotkid’s age because of how popular he has become. And also because of how mature he looks.

Hot kid Social Media handles.

You can connect with him on social media with these handles

On Instagram;hotkidfire

On Twitter:@hotkidfire_

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