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Jada pollock Husband 

Jada Pollock is not wizkid’s wife. The fact that she has a son with Wizkid doesn’t make her his wife.

Though she has been very instrumental to wizkid’s music career. She hasn’t yet been legally named Mrs Ayo Balogun.

Wizkid sometime ago said that he’s a single dad searching for a wife.

This clearly shows that Wizkid is not Jada Pollock’s husband yet. Maybe he’ll be in the nearest future, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Jada Pollock is Wizkid’s manager and baby mama. She is 7 years older than Wizkid. She is well-known as Jada P.


Jada Pollock Age

Born on 20th October 1983 in the United States.

Jada pollock’s age is 7 years higher than that of Wizkid, his baby daddy. Jada is 38 years old while Wizkid is 31.

This shows that age is not a barrier when it comes to the issue of love.

Who is Jada pollock?

Jada P  is an entrepreneur, brand consultant, stylist and music manager

She is best described as an enterprising self-made woman who isn’t lazy at all.

This American beauty is a great inspiration to girls who aspire to become successful and impactful in life.

She dared to be different In a world where some women depend on men for their daily needs.

By venturing into different businesses to earn her own money and fame.

She was a stylist with Gucci Mane before becoming a music manager.

The music industry and management are male-dominated.

However, Manager Jada, though a female, has proved that what a man can do, a woman can do even better.

She is also a caring and loving mum to her son Zion.

As we already know, being a mum and a career woman isn’t easy. But Jada blends the two in a very seamless manner.

In Nigeria, she is best known as Wizkid’s third baby mama. A name she is not happy with.

But Outside Nigeria, She’s recognized as a professional brand manager.

Who has helped Wizkid to connect with big artists like Drake in the music industry?

Jada pollock Education 

She attended St.Olive school in New York.

And later moved to Olave’s school, where she completed her secondary education, When her family moved to London,

Jada is an alumnus of the University of Westminster  London, England.

What course did Jada Pollock study at the university? Well, there is no detail for now about her course of study.

But it’s assumed she studied a  business management course due to management skills.


Jada pollock Career 

Jada Pollock started her business called Envy Lifestyle. This business catered for footballers in the premier league.

Jada later partnered with Didier Drogba, a former Ivory Coast Chelsea icon to expand the business. This led to the change of name from Envy lifestyle to Jada styles.

Furthermore, Jada ventured into brand management and became a manager to international celebrities.

She worked with Bu Vision LLC, Akon’s brother’s company that manages top musicians like Chris Brown and Pia Mia.

The job she still maintains till this moment.

Jada Pollock and Wizkid’s relationship 

Jada Pollock ;is wizkid her real husband
Wizkid’s third baby mama, Jada P with her first child, Zion Balogun

Jada and Wizkid met each other in Lagos during a tour with American Musician, Chris Brown. From that time, they began to date each other.

This led to the birth of their son Zion, which wizkid described as the cutest thing that has ever happened to him.

Jada Pollock said that she has never loved anyone the way she loves wizkid. She also claimed that their love is magical.


Her origin

Jada P was born in the United States of America. She also spent part of her life in London where she bagged her college degree.

Jada pollock birthday

Jada P celebrates her birthday on the 20th of October every year. 

She celebrated her 38th birthday on the 20th of October, 2021. 

Jada pollock cars

Manager Jada described herself as a self-made woman. She has lots of Luxurious cars like Amasarati, Mercedes Benz G wagon 

Jada Pollock And Chris Brown

Jada is in the talent management business.

She has managed artists like Chris Brown, Pia Mia and the Nigerian singer Wizkid

Jada is a big name in the music industry.

Recently, She was spotted with her man, Wizkid, and Burna Boy in an event where they had a swell time together.

Burna was also with her woman, stefflon. This setting made lots of fans think that very soon, Wizkid will marry Jada, his third baby mama.


Jada’s Achievements as a music Manager

Jada Pollock was a manager to princess pia mia and Chris Brown in 2013 and 2014,

This continued till 2016 when Wizkid came into the picture.

Jada became an international manager to Wizkid who already had Sunday Are as his manager at the time.

Notably, Jada p became very instrumental in shooting Wizkid to the world. She promised to stand by him no matter the storm. Here is the post.

This is to prove the saying that behind every successful man, there is a great woman behind.

Jada Pollock first child

Jada Pollock and Wizkid relationship
Image of Zion with her mum

Jada pollock welcomed her first child with Wizkid in 2017. The baby boy was named  Zion Balogun. And Wizkid was responsible for her pregnancy.

Jada Pollock’s Net worth

First of all, let’s see the meaning of net worth.Net worth means the total assets owned by a person excluding the liabilities.

Jada Pollock has a net worth of five million dollars. ($5 million)

Jada pollock Instagram page

Jada_p_  is Jada Pollock’s Instagram handle.

You can follow her and get all the latest vibes she has to offer.


Jada Pollock has not yet tied the nuptial knot with Wizkid. Therefore, she has no husband for now. But hopefully, in the future, she will meet her man and settle down finally with him.

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