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Morgan Wallan became a popular American musician after his first appearance in the Voice season 6 show in 2014.

His popularity is evident in the large number of followers he has on social media.

Morgan has 3.2 million followers on his verified Instagram account. And 561k ( five hundred and sixty-one thousand) followers on Twitter.

Also, In 2021, his album was the best selling album.


Morgan wallan songs


Morgan has won the hearts of millions of fans who comment and engage with him on Instagram and Twitter.

In this post, you’ll know more about this great musician. First of all, let’s start with the most important question in the minds of people.

Who is Morgan Wallan?

Morgan is a songwriter and a musician from America. 

He was born and bred in East Tennessee. The NBC voice season 6 talent show in 2014 gave him a platform for recognition and fame.

Since then, he has dropped many hit songs and has travelled to many countries of the world for shows and tours.


Does Morgan Wallan have a family?

Nobody is without a family, even a mad man on the street has a family where he was born into.

Just like every one of us, Morgan has a family. 


Morgan wallen
Young Morgan Wallen with his guitar.


He was born in 1993 to his mother Lesli and father Cole in the United States Of America.

His full name is Morgan Cole Wallen. This young musician has a sister named Ashlyne who he described as his best friend.


Morgan wallen sister
Morgan wallen with his sister Ashlyne


Morgan in 2012 showcased his young grandparents on Instagram. This post generated over a thousand likes.


Morgan Wallan GrandParents

Does Morgan wallen has a family
Morgan Wallen with his beloved grandparents

He described his granddad as his role model. However, his grandpa died in 2014.

Before his fame, he participated in the junior year state tournament.

He had always been a lover of music right from a young age

He released his debut EP “the way I talk”on 29th July 2016. This Ep got one million streams on Spotify in 16 days. 

Shockingly, the number of streams rose again to  2.5 million to  3 million and then to 6 million in 2017.

Morgan moved to Nashville in 2015 with just his guitar and a big dream and was blessed with a record deal shortly after moving in

In 2018, Morgan Wallan released another new single which he called “Up-down” and also announced his 2018 tour tagged up down tour.

Within a twinkle of an eye, he released another new song titled “Not Good At Not”.

Morgan Wallen’s songs have gained recognition across the world. One of such songs is Whiskey glasses.

He performed at the 2018 WWE annual tribute to a troop event.

Indeed 2018 was an amazing year for the hard-working musician.

Morgan has performed on many international stages and has also collaborated with other top musicians in the industry.

He won the CMA Award in Canada. This amazing musician has achieved a lot in his early twenties. And we hope to see him achieve more and more in the future.

Morgan Wallen Son

He got his first child, a baby boy, named Wilder Wallen in 2020 and was very excited and emotional about it.


Morgan wallan son
Morgan Wallen with his son, Wilder

He promised to be the best dad to his son and also described being a father as the coolest damn feeling.

One unique feature of Morgan is that he hasn’t grown a beard even at the age of 28.

Why Radio Stations Dropped Morgan Wallan’s songs.

Radio stations in the United States dropped Morgan Wallen songs because of the viral video of him shouting racial slurs

Morgan got caught in the video saying the n-word. Shortly after the video surfaced online, many radio stations pulled out his songs.

His record label also suspended him. But the label didn’t state the actual reason for his suspension.

Morgan in an interview said that he was drunk and also admitted that he used the n-word jokingly. 

He apologised and felt embarrassed about this. Just to show that it wasn’t intentional.

In another development, Morgan got arrested in 2020 for being drunk in public.

In recent times his fans are not happy with his behaviour.

On this matter, Morgan claimed that he spent 30 days in a rehab Centre in San Diego to figure out the reasons for his recent behaviours.

Hope to see a changed Morgan Wallen this year.

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