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Opay App is a great app that can be found on Google play store.But many people don’t know it’s functions .

Besides, Some people don’t even know the difference between Opay and the Opay App. If you’d like to clarify this, then this post is for you.

You’ll know the difference between the two, how to download the Opay app for free and how to use Opay to make money after reading this post,

First, Let’s start with simple explanations.

What is Opay ?

Opay means Opera pay. It is a mobile platform used for transactions.

Opay also helps to make  transportation, food and grocery delivery easy for its users.

Millions of people use this platform to;

  • send and receive money, 
  • pay bills, 
  • order  For food, 
  • and transport themselves daily.

The keyword mobile platform means that it involves the use of your mobile phone basically.

That is to say, you can make payments, send and receive money with your phone, phone number and the Opay app.

You can use Opay services even if you don’t have a bank account. Your phone number serves as your account number in Opay.

Opay ensures that everyone has access to financial services regardless of their location ( city or village),

What is the Opay App About?

The Opay App is like a house that contains all the services rendered by Opay. The App has different icons for different services like;Oride, Okash, Owealth, OBus, OCar, Ofood, Otrike,Olead

With the Opay App, You can buy airtime at a discounted price right in the comfort of your home.

  • order for food and grocery using the Ofood icon,
  • pay an Okada man to take you around your city using the Oride,
  • get a loan to boost your business with the Olaon,
  • Create a website using the Olead.
  • pay your electricity bill,
  • Fund your betnaija ticket and lots more.

You see, this is one of the most important apps you need on your phone.

With the app, you pay #45.9 for a #50 airtime.


Difference between Opay And Opay App

The Opay App gives you access to all the services rendered by Opay. But you pay for those services through Opay Only.

Remember, we said that Opay is a mobile payment platform.

What kind of app is opay?

It is a mobile money transfer application owned by Opay digital services,It is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria.

Currently, it has over 5 million downloads and 157k ( one hundred and fifty-seven thousand) reviews on Google play store.

Both iOS devices and android users can download and use it. So you have access to this app regardless of the type of phone and operating system you use.

This great app is owned by the same people who own the popular opera mini web browser.

It was developed and launched in June 2018 to make money transfer and payment easy.It helps to make your payment issues easy. And also helps you to spend smart and save more.

What is Opay App

The word App simply means an application.

An Application means a mobile program designed to help users to perform their tasks easily.

Thus, Opay App means Opera Pay App.It enables users to perform their everyday tasks easily.

How To Download the Opay App

Opay App
Simple steps to follow

Here are the Simple free Steps for Opay app download.

  • First, go to the Google play store if you’re using an Android device or the Apple store if you’re using the iOS device.
  • Type Opay app in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Download and install the Opay app. 
  • Sign up with your phone number.(Your phone number is used as your account number, but you have to remove the zero in front of it.)
  • Input your 6- digit password and confirm it.
  • Click on sign up, not login if this is your first time.

An OTP number will be sent to your phone either immediately or later. You can also register through the Opay website

Can I use Opay without BVN

Yes, but you’ll need your BVN to move to the next KYC level where you can have access to a large amount of money 

KYC means Know Your Customer

The next level has a lot of offers but you must provide your BVN, residential address and Name before you can get to KYC 2.

Note, this  upgrade is done with your Opay app.KYC helps Opay to protect your account and keep it safe.


Is Opay registered with CBN

Yes , It is registered with CBN,(Central Bank Of Nigeria).

Every Fintech company must register with the Central Bank of Nigeria before operating in the country. This is to ensure that users’ money is safe .

How to register for Opay app

  • First,download the App from the play store or your iOS device.
  • Install the app in your phone 
  • Then, Open it and provide the details required .
  • Input a password you can remember easily. 

How to find my Opay Account number

To find your Opay account number, first download the Opay app from Google Playstore.


Open the app on your phone.

Input the details required.

The phone number you have used is your Opay account number.

But you have to remove the first zero in the phone number. The remaining becomes your  Opay account number.

For instance, if your phone number is 08011223344. Then your  account number is 8011223344.

How much does Opay charge per transaction 

Opay states that you won’t be charged for any transaction done on its app.

For normal withdrawal, Opay charges 0.7% for any amount withdrawn.

How can I open Opay account

You can open your Opay  account when you download the app, install, launch and fill in your details.

What bank is Opay?

Opay is classified as a microfinance bank because it has a microfinance licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria.


How To make money on Opay App

Making more money is everyone’s dream.  So the question on your mind right now is, how do I make money with pay?

Ok, here are the different ways to earn money from Opay

  1. Become an Opay agent
  2. Refer people to the Opay app and earn a commission


Now that you’ve known so much about Opay, will you begin to use it today?

Do you have any questions? Ask us in the comment section and you’ll get a reply fast.


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