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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for

We value and pay close attention to our visitor’s privacy. This privacy policy states how obtains, protects and uses information from our users.

Our privacy policy describes the various information we collect from you as our visitors and what we use them for.

Contact us if you’d like to make further enquiries about our privacy policy.

By using, we assume that you consent and accept our privacy policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change, therefore we advise you to check for such changes from time to time.

Type of information requested from you

We may request your name, email address to keep you updated.

The purpose of requesting your information will be stated so you know why it’s important to give such information.

What we use the information you give for

  • To keep you posted and updated on new guides.
  • To get feedback from you.
  • To make improvements on our website.
  • For promotional activities
  • To contact you if need be.
  • To analyze and add new features that improve users’ experience.
  • To track and stop fraudulent activities.


At, we use cookies.

Cookies are used to store visitors’ information, choices, and browsing activities.

This helps us to improve our site, pages, and content based on our visitors’ choices to give them a great user experience.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookies

Google uses DART cookies to serve ads to our website visitors.

As a visitor, you may accept or reject the DART cookies.