Web Host In Nigeria;Top 4 Most Reliable Ones

Web host in Nigeria is an issue that keeps many people awake at night. As a blogger or an online business entrepreneur, you need a reliable web host for your website. Because you lose money if your website experiences a lot of downtimes.

Many web hosting companies pride themselves as the best in the game but end up disappointing their clients with downtimes.

In recent years, businesses are found online with just a click of the mouse because of the internet.

To experience this in your business, you need a domain name and the best web host.

Now how do you identify the best web hosting company in Nigeria to host your site on? This is the reason why you should read this post to the end.

Besides if you’re in search of the best web host in Nigeria for your website? this post is for you.

Here, you will discover the 4 most reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria that are, fast and trusted by website owners.

But first of all, let’s explain the meaning of hosting

What is the meaning of Hosting?

Hosting also called website hosting means the process by which a web company gives someone or a company space on the World Wide Web to store files, images, text, videos and then retrieve them whenever they are needed.

You can’t host your site by yourself unless you have a server. On this note, It’s only the responsibility of a hosting company to provide this space to you as a  website owner because they own the servers.

Web host in Nigeria
You need a web host and a domain name to take your business online


See another simple explanation of hosting below;

Let’s say David wants to build a house. He buys land, The land which he has bought to build his house is the hosting. Of course, without land, he can’t build his house and store his important documents and assets.

Hosting is the space David gets online from a hosting company to store his files and retrieve them whenever and wherever he wants.

The address of his house is the domain name. So his visitor can find him using the address. In the online space, this address is known as a domain name.


Which are the best web host in Nigeria

Here are some of the best web hosting companies you should dream of and the reasons you should choose them….. when you’re ready to take your business online.

Best web hosting company in Nigeria
WWW means World Wide Web

1.Smartweb Nigeria

This web hosting company started in 2004. With a vision to provide an easy and affordable way for users to take their ideas online.

Gladly, Smartweb has actualized this vision by providing domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to 100,000 sites, blogs, etc.

Top media companies like AIT ( African Independent Television), NTA News 24, Nigerian Police- host their websites on smartwebNigeria. This is proof that it is a tested, trusted and reliable web host company in Nigeria.

Reasons why you should choose Smartweb Nigeria as your web host in Nigeria.

1.99.9% Uptime guaranteed
2. Gives you many options to choose from.
3.24/7 premium support
4. You get free .com.ng domain name.
5. You get a free SSL certificate.
6. Largest hosting in Nigeria
7. 15 years in Web Hosting.

If you’d like to know the meaning of uptime, here is a quick explanation.

Uptime is the amount of time your website is online without going offline I.e the number of times that your server is up and running.

If you have clicked on a website link before and it took a long time to open. Then the site was down- it couldn’t allow you to see its content.
Uptime is a major factor to consider when choosing your web host because it won’t make sense if your visitors can’t access your site and read your posts or buy your products.


2. Q server

Q server is a trusted website hosting company in Nigeria owned by Seun Kehinde.

This expert web host has over 12 years of experience. Its goal is to set a new standard for shared, VPS and managed dedicated server hosting.

Quality, availability, Need, Passion, time and friendly service are the special qualities of Q server.

Reasons why you should choose Q server as your web host in Nigeria

1.  Provides various pocket-friendly packages.
2.  Provides daily and weekly remote backups
3.99.99% uptime guaranteed
4. 5 subdomains
5. Free .Com.ng domain
6. Free SSL certificate
7. Cpanel
8. 24/7 customer support.
9. Unlimited Emails.
10. Bandwith


3. Betahost 247

Beta host 247 is a perfect, secured, fastest, easiest and most reliable web host in Nigeria. I have never experienced any downtime since I hosted my website with this company.

This company started in 2014, to provide you with the best service in the industry.

The web host company serve many customers ranging from freelancers to fortune 100 companies in 85 countries.


Reasons why you should choose Betahost 24/7 as your web host in Nigeria

1. 24/7 Live Chat support for customer and technical assistance.
2. zero downtime record
3. 99.99% uptime
4. Free site lock ( SSL certificate).
5. Unlimited Bandwidth
6.100% risk-free trial
7. Free.ng domain
8. Add-on  domain
9. 30 days money-back guarantee
10. Turbo site loading ( 2x faster)
11. SSD webspace
12. Data protection
13. Better SEO ranking
14. Fast Website Migration.


4. Domainking

Domainking is the #1 domain registrar and web hosting company in Nigeria. It operates in over 4 countries including Nigeria.

This web host company has been in existence since 2008 ….and has hosted over 6000 websites on its servers globally.
It provides complete control to clients at the best prices

Reasons why you should choose Domain king as your web host in Nigeria

1. You get value for your money
2. 24/7 premium customer support
3. Fully managed WordPress support
4.4x faster website speed with SSD Servers and built-in page caching.
5. Free SSL certificate.
6.99.9% uptime guaranteed
7. Unmetered Bandwidth
8. Free.com.ng domain.
9. You can keep your website online for as low as #750 per month.

But I advise you to pay annually, so you don’t forget and your website goes down.


Hosting and domain

Hosting and domain are the important requirements you need to put your business, product or service online.

Without them, you won’t be able to position your business in the digital space.

However, you shouldn’t buy both hosting and domain from the same company. Because if anything goes wrong, you may not be able to migrate your site easily to another hosting company


Now that you’ve seen the excellent web host in Nigeria and reasons for choosing them, which would you go for? Let’s know in the comment section.




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