Tue. Jul 26th, 2022

You work very hard but can’t afford most of the things you need to enjoy life.

Up till now you can’t buy your own house or buy land and develop it.

That’s why your landlord treats you the way he likes.

He can wake up very early in the morning and call you to ask for his rent or come and knock on your door anytime.

I want to show you the one ultimate solution to this problem.

The solution is to earn in dollars and spend in naira in Nigeria.

If you read this to the end, you will discover why you should earn in dollars and spend in naira.

Here are the major reasons.

1. You get better pay for the same job you earn peanut in Nigeria 

A content writer who earns $50 earns higher than another content writer who earns 5k in Nigeria.

Stay with me, let’s do the maths.

If one dollar is equal to 570 nairas, $50 will be equal to 28,500 naira

$1 = 570 naira

$50 = N28,500 naira.

For the same job, energy, skill and strength, the writer who earns 5k in Nigeria loses 23,500 nairas.

While the other content writer who earned $50 gained more.

The difference is very clear. I hope you can see it.

2. You can reach your wealth journey early

Every journey has a takeoff and landing time. This is also applicable to your wealth journey.

You can reach your journey early or late depending on how much you earn.

If you earn high you reach early but if you earn little you reach very late.

Here’s the thing…..

You can become a millionaire with just one job if you receive payment in dollars.

Let’s say you earn $2000 in one job.

That’s over a million naira.

This amount can get you a plot of land in a good location in Nigeria.

You can either build on the land and rent it out to tenants and earn money even when you don’t work.

Or resell the land for a profit.

If you have 5 rental properties, you will retire early and enjoy the money. I kid you not.

But 2000 naira cannot fetch you a piece of land even in the most remote village in Nigeria.

My friend, this is the reason why you should earn in dollars.

If you have to choose between earning in dollars and naira, please choose to earn in dollars if you want to reach your wealth destination fast.

Most importantly, the goal is to retire early and enjoy the money, not to work all through your life for money.

3. The dollar exchange rate will continue to rise and won’t fall soon

Even if you say God forbid, it won’t change this.

The fact remains that…

The dollar is in high demand because Nigerians import most of their goods and produce very little locally.

So a lot of people need the dollars to make purchases.

There is a high demand and low supply of dollars and  the high demand won’t stop very soo 

So the exchange rate will continue to go up.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and a dollar is exchanged for 900 nairas.

So, While you complain about the naira exchange rate, people who earn in dollars are happy.

To join them, you have to sell your skill or service and get paid in dollars.

4. The economy of Nigeria doesn’t affect you badly

Do you know that there are people who are not affected badly by the current economic situation in Nigeria?

Above all, they continue to pray for the dollar exchange rate to keep rising because it is to their advantage 

Stay with me….

A blogger who earns 1000 dollars can afford anything in Nigeria.

$1000 is equal to 580,000 naira.

So even if a cup of Garri is sold for N400, he won’t be badly affected.

But a teacher whose salary is 30,000 naira per month, will feel the increase in the price of garri to his bone marrow.

Most people don’t complain because the exchange rate is in their favour.

So when others complain about the high cost of everything in Nigeria, they are not bothered at all.


Did you see some reasons why you should earn in dollars in Nigeria?

Would you like to earn in dollars or naira?

If you want to earn in dollars in Nigeria reply yes in the comment section and I will write another post on the different websites to work with and earn in dollars.


By Hannah

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