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Wizkid sons photos

Wizkid’s children are adorable but they have little secrets you never knew.

Do you want to know wizkid children and their little secrets? then read this to the end. Because this article will tell you more about it.  

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun known as Wizkid is a Nigerian superstar, songwriter and singer.

He is a baby daddy to three cute children from 3 different baby mamas.


Celebrities battle with lots of issues that come with fame. Wizkid is not an exception to this, 

He got dragged all over the social media for impregnating and denying his first baby mama

But Wizkid isn’t the only one in this type of mess.

The baby daddy craze is a trending issue among top celebrities In recent years, ……. particularly among musicians.

In those days, a man was mandated to pay a woman’s bride price before getting her pregnant.

But in this generation. single celebrities impregnate several women out of wedlock and make many babies.

Rather than settling down with one woman in marriage. Tubaba had 7 kids from 3 different baby mamas before tying the nuptial knot with his wife -Annie idibia.

Wizkid has also towed the baby mama lane to have his children.

But the striking thing about him is that he doesn’t accept any pregnancy unless a paternity check confirms that he is the father.

Ok, enough of all these, let’s start.

Wizkid sons photos
Wizkid sons photos


First, How many children does Wizkid have?

Wizkid’s children are three in number. They are all boys. At the time of writing this post, Wizkid doesn’t have a daughter, I repeat, wizkid only has three sons whose names are;

  1. Boluwatife Balogun.
  2. Ayodeji Balogun
  3. Zion Balogun


Here are a few things you should know about Wizkid children


Boluwatife Balogun is first among Wizkid’s children 

Boluwatife Balogun first among Wizkid's children
Wizkid’s first son , Boluwatife known as Tife

First, Boluwatife Balogun popularly known as Tife is Wizkid’s first son.

He was born on the 13th of May, 2011and will be 11 years old this year.  

Secondly, his mother’s name is Oluwanisola Ogudugu. She’s known as Wizkid’s first baby mama. Shola became pregnant at the teenage age of 19.

Shola ogudu and his son Boluwatife balogun
Wizkid’s first baby mama, Shola and son Boluwatife Balogun

Lastly, Wizkid denied Tife’s pregnancy until a DNA test confirmed that he was the father.

After the birth of the child, Shola had to fend for him all alone because wizkid didn’t accept his responsibility as a father at the time.

This caused a little fight between shola and wizkid’s families.

Tife is a miracle child because his mother, Shola, was pregnant for 5 months but didn’t know, since she was still menstruating.

Right now, Shola is in a cordial relationship with her baby daddy.

But Tife has begun to emulate his father’s lifestyle. He has three female friends at school. This secret was leaked by his school teacher to his mother, shola.

More so, Tife isn’t very happy with his dad because he shows more care and attention to the third boy.

Ayodeji Balogun is the second among Wizkid’s Children

Next on the list of Wizkid’s kids is  Ayodeji Balogun Jr, his second son.

Ayodeji Balogun Jr, Wizkid second son
Cute Ayodeji Balogun Jr. Wizkid’s 2nd son

Wizkid’s second son bears the same name as his father. But the name was given to him by his mother even before he was born.

Ayodeji is a Yoruba name that means ‘I have double joy ‘in English.

Wizkid’s second son was born on 18th January 2016 to Binta Diallo, who is known as Wizkid’s second baby mama.

Binta is from Guinea but lives in America. She is a Model and Ex- video vixen who has done well for herself.

Binta Diallo, Wizkid second baby mama and son Ayo
Wizkid’s second baby mama, Binta Diallo and son, Ayodeji Balogun Jr

At first, Wizkid didn’t accept Ayodeji until a DNA test confirmed that he was the true father of the child. Currently, Ayo lives with his mum in the United States of America.

Zion Balogun is the last among Wizkid’s Kids

The last among wizkid children, for now, is Zion Balogun. From the look of things, you could see that Wizkid connects more with him. Because he enjoys spending quality time with Zion.

Zion Balogun, Wizkid's third son and dad
Wizkid holding his third son Zion Balogun

Don’t get it wrong, he also spends time with his other sons, but the connection between him and Zion is more obvious 

Since always upload pictures of himself and Zion spending time together online.

Zion was born on the 28th of October,2017 to Wizkid’s third baby mama named Jada Pollock.

Jada pollock,Wizkid's third baby mama
Jada Pollock, Wizkid’s third baby mama and manager with her son zion

Jada is a brand consultant and talent manager from Britain. She used to work with Chris Brown, but later became Wizkid’s consultant.

Surprisingly, Wizkid accepted Zion as his son without a DNA test to confirm. 

Recently, Zion was seen in a studio with a microphone rehearsing how to record a song. This means that his father Wizkid has motivated him so much and he’d love to become a Music star very soon.

On another occasion, Zion was seen in a viral video, calling himself wizkid and he also performed in his room. The mum was so entertained by his performance.

It was unusual because the other sons underwent a DNA test before wizkid accepted them.

Who is WizKid’s wife among these 3 baby mamas?

Wizkid doesn’t have a wife yet. According to him, he said that he is a single dad who is searching for a wife.

It is shocking to know that Wizkid hasn’t chosen any of these 3 baby mamas as his wife.

But We hope that Wizkid will choose Jada Pollock, his third baby mama who also doubles as his talent manager, to be his wife because of the closeness and love they both share.

Who among the three baby mamas would you love Wizkid to choose as his wife?

Tell us in the comment section and we’ll reply


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