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Zero to Hero:Why and ways to start your business from nothing to something.

Starting a business from zero to hero is not a stroll in the park. It is difficult, I kid you not.

But I’m not saying this to make you keep your great business ideas in your head. Of course, that won’t cut the check. Because the money you need is in the execution of your ideas.

What I’m saying is that you need not only the business ideas to start a business from zero to hero.

knowledge, skillset, money, time, energy, and lots more are needed.

Most Companies that started from nothing to success didn’t get there overnight. They invested all these.

For a capital intensive business, you’ll need land, labour and capital to start up.

So where will you get the money to start from zero to hero?

In this post, I’ll share with you why and how to start your business from zero to hero.


Why should you start a business from zero to hero

  • To become financially intelligent

Most people are not financially wise. This means that they don’t know how to solve their money problems.

They turn to begging or borrowing when they have money problems.

Instead of finding other people’s problems to solve in exchange for money.

Hey, you become financially wise when you have a money problem and solve it by yourself. Without announcing it to the whole world 

If you think outside the box and find a way to raise money for your business, you’ll become financially wise. 

Here is the story of Brian

Brian needed money to buy a pair of shoes. Instead of asking his mother to buy it for him, he went to his neighbour Lynn, who couldn’t mow her lawn because she was old.

And solved that problem for her. In exchange, he got money for his shoes. This experience taught Brian a great financial lesson and made him financially wise.

When you raise money to build a business from nothing to success, you become financially wise.

  • You can start all over again easily if you have to 

You can start from zero to hero again if something goes wrong and demands you to start again.

Because you have done it before. It’s like knowing how to cook rice. You’ll use the same knowledge to cook rice even if someone wakes you up from your sleep.

But if the business was handed over to you by your father, you won’t know where to begin if it crumbles. Your father alone knows where to start from because he raised the capital for the business

How to start a business from zero to hero

Method 1; Get the right knowledge first and Understand the place of money

Money isn’t the most important thing in starting a business. The right skill is.

A prospective doctor or nurse will go for the training first to get the right knowledge.

Because a doctor who begins to practice without medical knowledge will kill a patient and end up in jail.

If he uses the money he has to establish a clinic and begin to give injections to patients

Also, a business owner who starts with no business knowledge will fail and lose his money.

So go for knowledge first because it is profitable.


Method 2; Start with a service business 

Business from zero to hero

Do you have any experience, natural skill or knowledge in any field?

Brainstorm the type of service business you can start with them. Then render that service to people and get money.

You can create your products later but start with the service business if you don’t have money.

Can you type, teach, cook, paint, bake? then you can use any of these natural skills to help those who need them. And get money to build your business.

You were not born empty into this world. so find your natural skill and get clients who can pay you for them.


Method 3; Start a YouTube channel

Start a YouTube channel and grow your business from zero to hero

YouTube has raised lots of millionaires in recent years since its creation in 2005.

Many YouTube content creators earn up to $20 million yearly from content creation

Luckily, You don’t need a large amount of money to start.

All You need is  your phone,

  • a Google Account,
  • an internet connection,
  • a niche you’d like to focus on 
  • a video editing software, to grow from zero to hero.

The funny part is that most YouTubers get paid for what they love and enjoy doing.

Ryan Kaji, a 9-year-old boy who reviews toys on his youtube channel earns over $29,0000 doing this.


Method 4; Become a freelancer

But who is a freelancer? 

A freelancer is a worker who uses his/her skill to work for different clients. He isn’t tied to a company or office.

If you have any digital skills like copywriting, 

website development, 

graphic design, and digital marketing?

use it to solve people’s problems and get money.

Don’t spend the money, instead save at least 50% of it for investment in your business.

Method 5; Get a digital skill

In recent years, having one or two digital skills is an asset.

With your skill, you can start from zero to hero. Your skill can take you to places your certificates can’t. 

A copywriter can write a sales copy with his phone, from the comfort of his home to a client in any part of the world.

But the question you’re asking is; where do I get money to pay and learn a skill?

YouTube and Google are your best lecturers.

Lots of knowledge and information are shared freely on them. So create at least 30 minutes of your time and learn any skill you love from these two and implement.

In the next 3 months, you’ll become a master. Try it and leave your comment.

Method 6; Create masterclasses and  Sell your knowledge online

If you know anything that people around the world will appreciate, create a youtube channel of a blog and share it. 

With time, you’ll monetize your channel or blog and start earning from them.

The things you do easily, other people find them difficult to do.

Create digital classes on WhatsApp groups, zoom, Facebook and teach them for a fee.

When you’ve learned, implemented and have gotten results, I repeat, teach others for a fee. You can also create video courses and sell them.

Method 7; Become an affiliate marketer and grow your business from zero to hero

Business from zero to hero

An affiliate marketer sells other people’s products and gets a commission.

There are many companies in need of affiliates to help them promote their product.

Example; Blue host, Jvzoo, Digistore 24, Amazon.

Just go to their affiliate section and sign up. Get your affiliate link and promote.

You’ll get paid if someone buys their products through your affiliate link.

Method 8; Link desperate buyers with the sellers

This is a business model used by many companies that started from nothing to success. 

They connect people in need to suppliers and make a commission as an intermediary between.

Google, Uber, Bolt, Alibaba started their businesses with this model.

Uber connects passengers to drivers and earns a commission. Alibaba links buyers to sellers.

Think of how to connect eager buyers to sellers and earn your money.

This is a little bit similar to affiliate marketing but in this case, you create your platform and own it.

Partner with others to grow your business from Zero to Hero

Leverage on what you don’t have. If you have no money, time or skill, leverage on those who have.

If you can’t build a website, find a website designer and someone in need of a website.

Pay the website designer to do the job, then pay him and take a commission from the money paid by the client.

You also have to hone your negotiation skills.

Start with what you have and grow your business from zero to hero

If you can’t start with whatever you have now, you can’t start at all.

Be ready to move from one stage to another with time.

If you are not ready to face rejections or crawl before you walk and then fly, don’t even start at all.



Starting and growing a business from zero to hero is not easy. If it was everybody would have done it 

A business is like a baby. It takes time, money, care, sleepless nights to grow.

So you need knowledge, the right information, patience, perseverance to grow from nothing to success.

Which method would you like to start with? Share with us in the comment section.

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